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‘Yooperman’ Lions Super Fan Gets Super Bowl Tickets for 200th Game Milestone

Who says it’s thankless being a Lions fan?

One man from the Upper Peninsula has spent 25 years driving 365 miles one-way to sit in the stands for the Detroit Lions.

And yesterday he was rewarded handsomely.

Donnie Stefanski has never missed a Lions home game in 25 years, and his family members have been right there with him through it all.

On Sunday, Donnie took the field of his favorite team and was recognized for attending his 200th straight game. The Detroit Lions posted about it on Twitter (@Lions).

This super fan says he knew he was getting acknowledged for the milestone, but had no idea they were rewarding him with two Super Bowl tickets.

9&10 News the four caught up with Donnie and Joanne as they drove back home Monday.

They own the Yooperman’s Bar And Grill in Goetzville, which of course is all decked out in Lions memorabilia.

“I didn’t know anything I just knew that we were going on the field, they were going to put some pictures up on the Jumbotron and honor me or whatever, but I had no idea about tickets,” he says. “I’ve had season tickets since ’94, and I’ve never missed a game since. My wife surprised me with them for Father’s Day and I was just going to go to a few games a year and sell the rest of the tickets or give them away or something and I just sort of got hooked and I never missed one.”



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