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Will Theo Riddick score a touchdown in 2018?

A down year for the Detroit Lions overall, their highest paid running back is a huge disappointment. Is there any hope in the near future?

Regarded as one of the top third down backs in the NFL, Theo Riddick hasn’t lived up to that standard this year. It’s shocking really.

Production has been hard to come by with 61 catches only yielding 384 yards and a poor 6.3 yards per catch average. Even sadder is the fact Riddick has been held scoreless in 13 games.

A career high 4.1 yards per carry average off 36 totes for 147 yards is the highlight of his season. Improvement from the offensive line can attribute to that.

Playcalling and efficiency on the Lions’ offense haven’t lived up to snuff. That’s part of the issue as well, but not the biggest one.

Prior to any trades or injuries, Detroit still had a threatening passing attack with some scary weapons to work with. Even then, Riddick didn’t stand out.

I want to believe he’s still capable of instilling fear in the defense. But in 2017, I was onto him then. Things are deceiving sometimes.

If you pay any attention to Riddick, you’ll notice a lot of his big plays come on receptions where he has lots of space. If there isn’t a good amount of yards surrounding him, he struggles to make guys miss tackles.

Situations where defenses have to let up over the middle means easy pickings for the 27-year-old back. Before the end of the half is his bread and butter.

Basically, the entire premise I’m laying down is Riddick needs a lot of help making plays. Anything but ideal circumstances and you get what you see this year, a whole lot of nothing special.

When has the $4.25 million dollar runner justified making that much in 2018? Not once.

Many Detroit fans are foolish enough to think the importance he brings to the offense is more than it actually is. With such quality talent around Riddick missing, those pieces haven’t been able to help carry him like before.

This year was a great chance for him to step up and rise above the adversity. That didn’t happen.

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I see the Detroit Lions making an effort to get Riddick into the end zone at least once this season. If not, it’ll mark the first time he’s gone scoreless in his career. There’s a chance it’s his last touchdown with the team too if he manages to get one.

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