Several Detroit Lions react to the $1.6 billion prize for the Mega Millions lottery, which will be drawn on Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2018.
Dave Birkett, Detroit Free Press

The Detroit Lions have won two straight games and three of their last four. This did move them up in Dave Birkett’s weekly power rankings, but they are still last among the NFC North. 

Here are the full rankings, 1-32, and the a little insight into why: 

1. Rams (7-0)

Last game: Defeated the 49ers, 39-10 | Previous ranking:1 | The buzz: No change at the top. The Rams are the NFL’s best team.

2. Patriots (5-2)

Last game:Defeated the Bears, 38-31 | Previous ranking: 2 | The buzz: Patriots and Chiefs are interchangeable as the two best teams in the AFC.

3. Chiefs (6-1)

Last game: Defeated the Bengals, 45-10 | Previous ranking: 3 | The buzz: Chiefs have scored at least 38 points in five of their seven games.

4. Saints (5-1)

Last game: Defeated the Ravens, 24-23 | Previous ranking: 4 | The buzz: Saints have won five straight, with three of those victories coming on the road.

5. Chargers (5-2)

Last game: Defeated the Titans, 20-19 | Previous ranking: 5 | The buzz: Chargers don’t face a team with a winning record again until December.

6. Vikings (4-2-1)

Last game: Defeated the Jets, 37-17 | Previous ranking: 6 | The buzz: Saints-Vikings meet in rematch of last year’s playoff thriller this weekend.

7. Panthers (4-2)

Last game: Defeated the Eagles, 21-17 | Previous ranking: 9 | The buzz: Impressive comeback by Cam Newton and Co. in Philadelphia last week

8. Ravens (4-3)

Last game: Lost to the Saints, 24-23 | Previous ranking: 7 | The buzz: No shame in a one-point road loss to the Saints when your Pro Bowl kicker misses a late extra point.

9. Packers (3-2-1)

Last game: Bye week | Previous ranking: 12 | The buzz: Packers go on the road to face the Patriots and Rams the next two weeks.

10. Steelers (3-2-1)

Last game: Bye week | Previous ranking: 13 | The buzz: After starting 1-2-1, the Steelers are suddenly in first place in the AFC North.


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11. Bears (3-3)

Last game: Lost to the Patriots, 38-31 | Previous ranking: 11 | The buzz: If their special teams weren’t such a mess, the Bears would have beat the Patriots last week.

12. Texans (4-3)

Last game: Defeated the Jaguars, 20-7 | Previous ranking: 16 | The buzz: Hopefully the bus Deshaun Watson took to Jacksonville last week was tricked out Jerry Jones style.

13. Lions (3-3)

Last game: Defeated the Dolphins, 32-21 | Previous ranking: 17 | The buzz: Three wins in four games have the Lions surging up the power rankings.

14. Washington (4-2)

Last game: Defeated the Cowboys, 20-17 | Previous ranking: 19 | The buzz: Washington can run the ball and stop the run, and that’s still a recipe for wins in the NFL.

15. Bengals (4-3)

Last game: Lost to the Chiefs, 45-10 | Previous ranking: 10 | The buzz: Teryl Austin will be having nightmares of Kareem Hunt this week.

16. Eagles (3-4)

Last game: Lost to the Panthers, 21-17 | Previous ranking: 8 | The buzz: It’s Week 8 and the Eagles already have more losses than they did all last season.

17. Seahawks (3-3)

Last game: Bye week | Previous ranking: 21 | The buzz: Rested Seahawks return from bye to face Lions this week.

18. Cowboys (3-4)

Last game: Lost to Washington, 20-17 | Previous ranking: 14 | The buzz: Cowboys are 3-0 at home and 0-4 on the road this year.

19. Falcons (3-4)

Last game: Defeated the Giants, 23-20 | Previous ranking: 22 | The buzz: Falcons still have one of the NFL’s most potent offenses.

20. Broncos (3-4)

Last game: Defeated the Cardinals, 45-10 | Previous ranking: 24 | The buzz: If the Broncos made Chris Harris available via trade, the Lions should get John Elway on speed dial.

21. Titans (3-4)

Last game: Lost to the Chargers, 20-19 | Previous ranking: 23 | The buzz: It didn’t work, but I still like Mike Vrabel’s decision to go for two in London last week.

22. Buccaneers (3-3)

Last game: Defeated the Browns, 26-23 (OT) | Previous ranking: 26 | The buzz: Bucs can play themselves into playoff contention as their next three games come against teams with winning records.

23. Jaguars (3-4)

Last game: Lost to the Texans, 20-7 | Previous ranking: 15 | The buzz: Hot. Mess.

24. Browns (2-4-1)

Last game: Lost to the Buccaneers, 26-23 (OT) | Previous ranking: 20 | The buzz: Amazing that the Browns have played four overtime games already this year..

25. Dolphins (4-3)

Last game: Lost to the Lions, 32-21 | Previous ranking: 18 | The buzz: Short week, road trip to Houston, barely breathing receiving corps. What could go wrong for Miami?

26. Colts (2-5)

Last game: Defeated the Bills, 37-5 | Previous ranking: 28 | The buzz: A healthy Marlon Mack makes a difference for Indy’s offense.

27. Jets (3-4)

Last game: Lost to the Vikings, 37-17 | Previous ranking: 25 | The buzz: Jets offense has been boom or bust this year, scoring 34 or more in each of its three wins and 17 or less in each of its four losses.

28. Giants (1-5)

Last game: Lost to the Falcons, 23-20 | Previous ranking: 29 | The buzz: Boy, there’s some bad football going on in New York right now.

29. 49ers (1-6)

Last game: Lost to the Rams, 39-10 | Previous ranking: 31 | The buzz: Their lone win on the season came in Week 2 against the Lions.

30. Bills (2-5)

Last game: Lost to the Colts, 37-5 | Previous ranking: 27 | The buzz: Once he clears concussion protocol, the Bills ought to unload LeSean McCoy for whatever they can.

31. Cardinals (1-6)

Last game: Lost to the Broncos, 45-10 | Previous ranking: 30 | The buzz: Maybe a new offensive coordinator can bring some life to the NFL’s most anemic offense.

32. Raiders (1-5) 

Last game: Bye week | Previous ranking: 32 | The buzz: Raiders have three first-round picks in next year’s draft. Unfortunately, Jon Gruden will be making the picks.


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