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The Lions dream offseason blueprint

The Detroit Lions are starting the process of thinking about what to do this offseason, and pondering some of the moves that can be made in order to get the team where they need to be in the future, competing for titles and making runs in the postseason. There’s tons of ways the team can go about getting to this point, but what are the best ways for them to get going? There’s some plans in order to get this going, but what is the best one?

Recently, 247Sports took time out to think through somewhat of a dream offseason for the Lions, from trades and signings all the way through the NFL Draft and some of the personnel and coaching moves the team can make. Clearly, there is a high ceiling for what the team can do and the moves they can make, and if they are able to get all of this done, it could be a good way to get things going for the future.

Here’s how the Lions can make their 2019 offseason the best in the league, and hit a home rum that could give Matt Patricia a shot to recapture some of his New England genius in the Motor City.

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