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The Athletic’s Detroit Lions 2019 draft board, version 1.0 – The Athletic

Thanks to that utterly nonsensical Miami win over Chicago, the Lions awoke on Monday just a game back of first place in the NFC North. On top of that development, all but two NFC teams — 6-0 Los Angeles and 4-1 New Orleans — have at least two losses this year. The playoff race is wiiiiiiide open.

Before we dive back into the regular season and a Week 7 trip to Miami, though, Detroit’s bye week provided the perfect chance to begin laying a little groundwork on the 2019 draft class. Obviously, a lot will unfold between now and April 25, 2019, when the NFL Draft kicks off.

So consider the following the first little toe tap into the water on that ’19 draft class. The Lions-centric board, as always, takes into account the current (and future) state of the roster, meaning that this is not a straightforward ranking of the top 40 prospects. There are no quarterbacks to be found, because the Lions have their guy in Matthew Stafford; there is but one…

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