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LMAO! Metro Detroit family begs for attention by ‘divorcing’ Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions have not been a great football team this year. Hell, the Detroit Lions have not been a great football team for my entire life.

But no matter what, I will always be a fan of the team. THAT is what a true fan does.

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Unfortunately, that’s not the case for one family from St. Clair Shores, MI as Nathan and Christy Carpo have made the decision to ‘divorce’ the Detroit Lions.

[After you are finished shaking your head or laughing, feel free to read on. After all, these people need your attention]

The family claims they have had enough of the Lions and they do not want their children to have to suffer as they have.

From Click on Detroit:

“Enough is enough,” Christy Carpo said. “Football wasn’t fun anymore.”

She said the dating phase was lovely.

“Barry Sanders era, all that good stuff — I got positives,” Christy Carpo said.

But the relationship took a turn and became a vicious cycle.

“It’s the same old stuff over and over and over again,” she said.

The Carpos said the 0-16 season was a low point, but the 2018 campaign has been the breaking point.

Nathan Carpo has been a Kansas City Chiefs fan for awhile, so the family is switching allegiances from Honolulu blue to red. The couple said it’s best for the children.

“We don’t want them to have 28 years of disappointment,” Christy Carpo said.

On Monday, she posted on Facebook that she had decided to divorce the Lions and sell all of the family’s gear.

From Facebook:

My heart is heavy as I make this announcement. We’ve hung on for years and tried to improve this one sided relationship but its come to DIVORCE, that’s right Lions. We’re done. We’ve made the steps to commit to THE KANSAS CITY CHIEFS! I had to give up my side piece Brady as well to go into this relationship with no strings. Here’s to this new journey! GO CHIEFS!

“I posted that we’re divorcing the Lions and it went crazy,” Christy Carpo said.

To the Carpos, it’s not about the money. It’s about a better quality of life.

“I want my happy back with football,” Christy Carpo said.

The couple said the divorce is real. They won’t jump back on the bandwagon even if the Lions make a run in a few years.

Wait, Nation, this gets better!

Not only is the ‘divorce’ official [MORE LAUGHING!] but the Carpo’s are even selling all of their Detroit Lions gear on Facebook!

No, we are serious, look.





















Mr. and Mrs. Carpo,

You are 100% free to do whatever you please when it comes to rooting for the Detroit Lions, but please do us a favor.

It’s the holiday season, instead of selling your Lions’ gear, donate it to a local shelter or the Salvation Army so those in need can have something nice.

One more thing…

Enjoy rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs, a team that has one win in their last 11 playoff games.

For me, I will continue to support the Detroit Lions, even during a difficult season like we are currently witnessing.



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