Allen Park — Halloween must be a strange day to be famous. 

Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford said a fair share of the trick-or-treaters who showed up to his home Wednesday night were dressed up as No. 9. 

““It’s fun, it’s cool,” Stafford said. “They’re usually pretty excited and I’ll take a picture, do the thing, whatever it is.”

Stafford suspects most of his young impersonators, or at least their parents, knew it was his house when they knocked on the door. 

He also said he saw a number of kids dressed like Matt Patricia, a popular carryover from the coach’s time in New England.

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“I don’t know what their parents are thinking on that one, but I appreciate it,” Patricia said. “I’ll say that much.”

As for Stafford’s family, they certainly got into the Halloween spirit, dressing with a “Toy Story” theme. Matthew was Mr. Potato Head, wife Kelly was Rex, the couple’s young twins combined as Slink and the couple’s youngest child was one of the squeeze toy aliens from the claw game. 

Stafford said the costume wasn’t his choice, but he bit the bullet for the sake of his family. Unfortunately, his inflatable costume sprung a leak. 

“It was supposed to inflate, but it had a little hole in it so it didn’t really inflate as well as it should’ve,” Stafford said. “But everyone else’s costume was great, so that’s all that mattered.”