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Lions president Rod Wood has faith in Matt Patricia

The Detroit Lions have been enduring a tough season in 2018, and many have been frustrated by Matt Patricia and the team in the meantime. But that doesn’t mean that the Lions will be moving on from the coach at the end of the year, as their team president is still behind the coach. In an interview last month, Rod Wood was asked about the season, and while he admitted frustration with how it has gone, he commented on the faith the team has in their boss.

In the piece by Carlos Monarrez of the Detroit Free Press, a quote from Wood on WWJ-CBS Detroit’s airwaves is presented that paints the picture of the Lions having total faith in their head coach. Here’s a look at the quote:

“I do think it’s important for the fans to know that we have a great head coach and a great general manager and we have a great plan in place to build a foundation I think for success not only hopefully this year but for many years to come,” Wood said on the show “Michigan Matters.”

Lions fans were frustrated and reeling in the wake of this season’s 0-2 start the likes of which not many folks saw coming, and turned their frustrations to Matt Patricia, the brand new coach. Beloved until almost a month ago, Patricia was taking all the punishment from the angry fanbase thanks to the team’s frustrating start on the field this fall. But it’s not something the coach is focusing on or particularly worried about in the long run, and has taken the approach of agreeing with the fans after a tough start to the year. Thus far, hope has been tough to come by for the 5-8 Lions, even in spite of a few nice wins.

After wins over the Patriots and Packers, some of that frustration subsided, but more came following a tough home loss last week to the Seattle Seahawks and road losses to the Vikings and Bears in which the Lions were dominated from start to finish in the game and made too many mistakes to overcome. Detroit also lost on frustrating fashion on Thanksgiving.

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Some of the losses had folks convinced that Patricia just doesn’t know what he’s doing, and had some convinced he’s destined to be a failure as a head coach of the team. In some aspects, Patricia has been the victim of his own boss’s high expectations. Without saying it in as many words, when Bob Quinn fired Jim Caldwell, he declared that 9-7 wasn’t good enough, and when he hired Patricia, he declared he’d be the guy to take the team to the next level. Though nobody has said when that might be, the fans want success instantly after their team was on the doorstep the last few seasons. In spite of that, the New England, Green Bay and Carolina wins were seemingly a huge boost to things so far this season, and more wins down the stretch could help confidence for 2018.

Obviously, time is needed to adjust to a new coach and a new scheme. Fans can at least have faith the new head coach is just as frustrated with the slow start to things as much as they are, and is working hard in order to right the ship for the rest of the season and into the future.

They should be happy to know that the franchise, at the very least, still stands with the head coach and is committed to building with him for the future. It always has seemed that would be the case.

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