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Ian Rapoport chimes in on Lions biggest offseason needs

The Detroit Lions are getting primed for another NFL offseason and looking to attack and fill some of the many needs they have across the roster. So what spots will be the biggest focus for the team when all is said and done in a few months time? Recently, Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network talked with Tori Petry of while at the Senior Bowl and explained plenty of the team’s needs, outlining them in order.

As many have expected, there’s four major spots that Rapoport could see the teams making additions at, and possibly one of the biggest is tight end as he sees it. Additionally, Rapoport sees one of Detroit’s biggest spots of need along the front seven, and that’s good news as he sees the upcoming draft being loaded with those spots in the coming months.

“I can pretty obviously see tight end would be one, I think that’s pretty obvious. And I think the thing about this draft, it does seem like it is unbelievably heavy in front seven and edge rushers. This is a really really good pass rush draft. I don’t know what’s going to happen to Ezekiel Ansah, it could go a couple different ways. But I’ve never heard a team say man, we have too many pass rushers. So if that’s the way they go, I think they would be O.K.,” he told Petry in the video.

As it relates to wide receiver, Rapoport thinks the Lions could add a piece to the mix, but thinks that Kenny Golladay is the star of the group in the making, and hints the Lions could be more interested in depth and some chain movers.

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“I think they could add a piece, and I do think Kenny Golladay is a guy who could take the next step. The Golden Tate trade, I was honestly surprised they were ale to get a three for him. That was way more than I anticipated. So you get the pick which is nice, but it also allowed Golladay to be featured more. I’m curious to see where he goes in terms of being one of the better receivers in the NFL. But yeah, they could use a chain moving wide receiver. Some depth at the spot,” Rapoport said.

Finally, one of the more interesting moves the Lions could make would be to add another cornerback, and while Rapoport hinted that it’s not time to give up on Teez Tabor just yet, another player at the spot could be a savvy move for the Lions to give their defense something extra.

“If you get someone to pair with Darius Slay, it only makes him better. He makes a lot of plays anyway. I think that would help. It’s not a team that needs a ton, but I think that’s a position where they could add,” he said.

Free agency comes first, and the draft comes after that. What the Lions do first could have an impact on what players they pick, but the good news is some of their neediest spots could be deep this April, so the Lions could score no matter what they decide to do.

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