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DSN’s Week 15 NFL Power Rankings revealed

What a week in the NFL. The New Orleans Saints hold on to the top spot and every other team let them pretty much guarantee a #1 final ranking in three weeks. They will be tough to catch. The Rams slide as do the Steelers. Many teams are eliminated from playoff contention and there are still are 16 in the hunt. All kinds of crazy twists in the Week 15 NFL Power Rankings.

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#1 New Orleans Saints (11-2)

Weekly Results: W, 28-14 @ #18 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Ranking Points: 184.62

Last Week:  1   Change: —

Note: The Saints are back in control with 3 games to go.

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#2 Dallas Cowboys (8-5)

Weekly Results: W, 29-23 @ #13 Philadelphia Eagles

Ranking Points: 127.8

Last Week: 4   Change: +2

Note: Make it 6 in a row. A big divisional win on the road.

#3 Kansas City Chiefs (11-2)

Weekly Results:  W, 27-24 (OT) vs. #10 Baltimore Ravens

Ranking Points: 127.27

Last Week: 6     Change: +3

Note: In charge of the AFC and it’s a 1-game lead. Home field almost locked up.

#4 Los Angeles Rams (11-2)

Weekly Results:  L, 15-6 @ #14 Chicago Bears

Ranking Points: 116.1

Last Week: 2   Change: -2

Note: Having the advantage in the NFC didn’t last long as they were shut down on the road.

#5 Houston Texans (9-4) 

Weekly Results: L, 21-24 vs. #15 Indianapolis Colts

Ranking Points: 108.05

Last Week: 5    Change: —

Note: The 1st loss in 10 games for this team. They are in great position for a playoff run and a run at a top 3 spot in the AFC.

#6 Seattle Seahawks (8-5)

Weekly Results: W, 21-7 #11 Minnesota Vikings

Ranking Points: 107.85

Last Week: 12   Change: +6

Note: A big win and now they are sitting in the 5th spot and feeling pretty good about their standing.

#7 Chicago Bears (9-4)

Weekly Results: W, 15-6 vs. #2 Los Angeles Rams

Ranking Points: 106.35

Last Week: 14    Change: +7

Note: Huge win against the Rams. Now the Bears sit in the 3rd spot in the NFC.

#8 Los Angeles Chargers (10-3)

Weekly Results: W, 26-21 vs. #27 Cincinnati Bengals

Ranking Points: 105.25

Last Week: 8    Change: —

Note: 1 game out of the AFC lead, can they catch KC? They play each other next week.

#9 Pittsburgh Steelers (7-5-1)

Weekly Results: L, 21-24 @ #32 Oakland Raiders

Ranking Points: 101.35

Last Week: 3    Change: -6

Note: Now 3 losses in a roll and the Steelers are falling further back.

#10 Baltimore Ravens (7-6)

Weekly Results: L, 24-27 (OT) @ Kansas City Chiefs

Ranking Points: 96.89

Last Week: 10    Change: —

Note: They had KC on the ropes, but let them off the hook. Their playoff hopes are just about out the door as well.

#11 New England Patriots (9-4)

Weekly Results: L, 33-34 @ #26 Miami Dolphins

Ranking Points: 87.65

Last Week: 9   Change: -2

Note: What a bad loss to a bad team, but the Patriots still are in the top 4 of the AFC.

#12 Tennessee Titans (7-6)

Weekly Results:   W, 30-9 vs. #16 Jacksonville Jaguars

Ranking Points: 87.23

Last Week: 19    Change:+7

Note: Big home win and they now find themselves in a 4-way tie for the last playoff spot with 3 games to go. They could easily win the last 3.

#13 Indianapolis Colts (7-6)

Weekly Results:   W, 24-21 @ #5 Houston Texans

Ranking Points: 86.15

Last Week: 15    Change: +2

Note: Back in the win column and they are tied with the Ravens and 2 other teams for the 6th spot.

#14 Denver Broncos (6-7)

Weekly Results: L, 14-20 @ #29 San Francisco 49ers

Ranking Points: 82.8

Last Week: 7    Change: -7

Note: Now this team is all but out of it. Although only one game out of the final spot, they have to leap over 4 teams.

#15 Philadelphia Eagles (6-7)

Weekly Results: L23-29 vs. #4 Dallas Cowboys

Ranking Points: 80.9

Last Week: 13    Change: -2

Note: Now it might be really over for the defending champs.

#16 Minnesota Vikings (6-6-1) 

Weekly Results: L, 7-21 @ #12 Seattle Seahawks

Ranking Points: 75.92

Last Week: 11    Change: -5

Note: A tough loss and now there is just a 1/2 game lead over the #7 NFC team.

#17 New York Giants (5-8)

Weekly Results: W, 40-16 @ #25 Washington Redskins

Ranking Points: 69.35

Last Week: 22    Change: +5

Note: Well, this Giants team apparently likes the spoiler role.

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#18 Detroit Lions (5-8)

Weekly Results: W, 17-3 @ #30 Arizona Cardinals

Ranking Points: 68.2

Last Week: 17    Change: -1

Note: This team has also been eliminated, so this win is nothing special.

#19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-8)

Weekly Results: L, 14-28 vs. #1 New Orleans Saints

Ranking Points: 64.55

Last Week: 18    Change: -1

Note: Another team eliminated. They made it look good for 3 quarters against the Saints.

#20 Green Bay Packers (5-7-1)

Weekly Results: W, 34-20 vs. #21 Atlanta Falcons

Ranking Points: 60.75

Last Week: 23   Change: +3

Note: This team is a mess and this win comes way too late.

#21 Cleveland Browns (5-7-1)

Weekly Results: W, 26-20 vs. #24 Carolina Panthers

Ranking Points: 56.25

Last Week: 20    Change: -1

Note: A big win and this team has won more than they have in the previous 3 seasons. They will tough to deal with next season.

#22 Miami Dolphins (7-6)

Weekly Results: W, 34-33

Ranking Points: 42.1

Last Week: 26    Change: +4

Note: Well, I have to stop bashing this team as they have beaten the Patriots.They are now one of the 4 fighting for the last spot.

#23 Jacksonville Jaguars (4-9)

Weekly Results: L, 9-30 @ #19 Tennessee Titans

Ranking Points: 39.50

Last Week: 16    Change: -7

Note: Eliminated from the playoffs

#24 Atlanta Falcons (4-9)

Weekly Results:  L,  20-34 @ #23 Green Bay Packers

Ranking Points: 29.7

Last Week: 21    Change: -3

Note: They have been eliminated. What a shame.

#25 San Francisco 49ers (3-10)

Weekly Results: W, 20-14 vs. #7 Denver Broncos

Ranking Points: 26.75

Last Week: 29    Change: +4

Note: No hope for this season, but a great win against Denver. Spoilers.

#26 Cincinnati Bengals (5-8)

Weekly Results: L, 21-26 @ #8 Los Angeles Chargers

Ranking Points: 25.2

Last Week: 27    Change: +1

Note: They have been eliminated.

#27 Carolina Panthers (6-7)

Weekly Results: L, 20-26 @ #20 Cleveland Browns

Ranking Points: 25.15

Last Week: 24    Change: -3

Note: Now four in a row in the L column and this one really hurts.

#28 Oakland Raiders (3-10)

Weekly Results: W, 24-21 vs. #3 Pittsburgh Steelers

Ranking Points: 9.25

Last Week: 32    Change: +4

Note: Worst team in the AFC and they have defeated the Steelers. Two nice games in a row.

#29 Washington Redskins (6-7)

Weekly Results: L, 16-40 vs. #22 New York Giants

Ranking Points: 1.15

Last Week: 25    Change: -4

Note: Washington is done. QB Sanchez will not help them.

#30 Arizona Cardinals (3-10)

Weekly Results: L, 17-3 vs. #17 Detroit Lions

Ranking Points: -11.8

Last Week: 30   Change: —

Note: Now a big win and a chance to be in the spoiler role as well.

#31 Buffalo Bills (4-9)

Weekly Results: L, 23-27 vs. #31 New York Jets

Ranking Points: -2.65

Last Week: 28    Change: -3

Note: This loss hurts and as we know they have been eliminated.

#32 New York Jets (4-9)

Weekly Results: W, 27-23 @ #28 Buffalo Bills

Ranking Points: -5.05

Last Week: 31    Change: -1

Note: A big win over a bad team, no matter, the season is over.

Warning! These are not your usual Power Rankings. I’m not your everyday NFL analyst who throws his bias into how he ranks teams. I use a formula developed over many years and this is all about numbers. Please remember that Power Rankings are reactive and not predictive. This is where the teams stand following the previous weeks’ games. These rankings and the formulas and bonuses used to compile them are even for all teams.

Bottom Line: If you are a top 5 team playing a bottom 5 team and you win by a point or lose straight up, you will be penalized. If you win big, the rewards will boost you in the rankings.

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