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Detroit Lions scrap practice in favor of walk-through

ALLEN PARK — Coming off their third straight loss, the Detroit Lions have scrapped their usual Wednesday practice in favor of a walk-through.

Coach Matt Patricia said he made the schedule change because of the series of physical games Detroit has played, and the compressed schedule that awaits. The team has lost three straight games in decisive fashion, the last two of which were on the road. Now it must get ready to host the Panthers (6-3) on Sunday, then the Bears (6-3) on Thanksgiving.

That’s three games in 12 days against two of the best teams in the NFC.

“The good thing is I kind of get to change that (practice) stuff when I want to — when I feel it’s necessary for us as a team, and whatever the case may come up where we just need to kind of change the look of what we’re doing that day,” Patricia said.

“Having three games in 12 days, or whatever it is, we’ll probably have some walk-through type practices in there to try to conserve ourselves physically here. I would say especially, (it’s a) Carolina group that’s a really physical football team coming in here, and (we’re) coming off a stretch where we’ve been on the road playing some physical games. Just right thing to do.”

Wednesday is usually a big day of preparation for the Lions, as they begin installing the game plan once players return from the Tuesday off day. Patricia has scrapped it before, though. After opening the season on Monday Night Football, Patricia opened Week 2 by going with a Wednesday walk-through.

Detroit fell behind 30-13 that week against the 49ers, and lost 30-27.

“It’s not always set in stone as far what we’re going to do each particular week,” Patricia said. “We’ve had weeks where we may have put pads on on Thursday, we’ve had weeks where we put pads on on Wednesday, or this week, where we thought a walk-through was better for us based on the schedule and what’s coming up for us. The good thing is it’s always fluid and I can change it any time I feel is necessary. So that’s a good thing for me.”

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