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Detroit Lions Podcast – Detroit Lions Look To The Green Bay Packers

In this episode of The Detroit Lions Podcast, Chris and Case take on the latest in Detroit Lions news and provide insights and opinions on a number of hot topics. We’ll look at the Vikings game, the draft, Matt Millen’s current situation, the 9-7 Bob Quinn quote, info about the meta around a new Offensive Coordinator and a whole lot more.

Detroit Lions Podcast Gets Going

This week we begin by reviewing the Lions loss to the Minnesota Vikings. We discuss the vast difference between how the defense started the game vs how they finished. We also talk about the abysmal offensive performance put on display.  There is no reason to think Jim Bob Cooter will survive to coach another season in Detroit.

From there we take a look at the draft and some of the top 1st round possibilities for the Lions. Case shares his thoughts and we discuss how we are going to dive in on our coverage this offseason. We’ll cap pre-draft coverage off with the amazing Detroit Lions Podcast Annual Draft Party/Spectacular. We’re putting a lot into the prospects this year to help you get the best info possible heading into what could be one of the most important drafts in the Detroit Lions recent history.

Matt Millen Gets A Life-Saving Gift

From there we move on to discuss Matt Millen and his current situation. You may not like him as a GM, but he is a part of the Detroit Lions football history.  We wish him the very best recovery possible, and maybe one day we can get a redemption arc for him and the Lions.

All that isn’t even scratching the surface. The Detroit Lions Podcast covers the Bob Quinn, “9-7 isn’t good enough” quote. Next, we cover the story about potential offensive coordinators and a narrative that’s brewing around Matt Patricia and his thinking there. We also take a look to the upcoming Green Bay Packers game, and a whole lot more.

Let us know what you think about the show by commenting in the podcast thread in the subreddit, or by leaving us a voice mail message via Skype at: Detroit Lions Podcast  Your input will help make the show better, and if you leave us a message on Skype, you just might be featured in an upcoming Detroit Lions Podcast!  You can also give us a call at (929) 33-Lions.

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