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Detroit Lions’ Glover Quin has firm message for those who believe team should tank

Even since the Detroit Lions began to drop out of the playoff race (they are still alive), some fans have made it very clear that they are rooting for the team to tank for a higher draft pick.

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According to Lions safety Glover Quin, the notion of ‘tanking’ in football is absurd and that he and his team are doing whatever they can to win their next three games.

From Detroit Free Press:

“I’ve seen (the playoff scenarios), obviously,” Quin said Wednesday. “I’m not blind. I’m not oblivious to the fact. I’m not dumb, either. I understand. I can look at their record and say this is kind of how it’s going to play out, so I kind of knew it even before everybody started making a big deal out of it I kind of saw it unfolding. But I think for us, none of that stuff matters if we don’t take care of our business.”

“We’ve got to win out,” Quin said. “We’ve got to go in, prepare and get ready to beat Buffalo and we get that done, we’ll move on to the next one. But none of those scenarios, none of that stuff matters if we don’t take care of our business.”

“I mean, nobody goes out there and just tries to get beat up on,” Quin said. “If you’re going to tank in something, you tank in basketball or baseball where it’s not physical. You go out on the football field, tank and you’re going to get yourself hurt. So you better come ready to play. So as players we don’t think about that, we go out and try to win every game.”

What do you think, Nation? Do you agree with Glover Quin that tanking does not happen in football? Would you rather the Lions just lose their remaining three games in order to get a higher draft pick?


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