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Detroit Lions get no credit for Sunday’s win over Green Bay

Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Detroit Lions have plenty left to prove this season. But Sunday’s win over the Packers goes a long way towards showing what this team can achieve.

The Detroit Lions 31-23 victory over the Green Bay Packers on Sunday was a wire-to-wire crushing of their division rival. This was essentially a double-digit victory, as a last second field goal did nothing to truly threaten Detroit’s win.

After all of the decades of failure, it is easy to dismiss the Detroit Lions win as luck.

And, of course, to bestow the Packers with a myriad of excuses, including their kicker Mason Crosby missing five kicks in the game.

This type of argument is usually applied to the Detroit Lions after a loss. All these bad calls, missed kicks, and injuries add up to an unfair defeat.

Meanwhile, the other team is blessed with referees making mistakes, short fields for easy scores, and advantageous match-ups because of missing personnel.

The argument stinks when Detroit fans, media, and even the team tries to make it. And it most certainly stinks when Green Bay supporters do the same.

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