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Detroit Lions 2019 NFL Draft: Midseason, five-round mock

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The Detroit Lions are halfway through the season, are you still on board? Who could they be drafting to help the team in 2019? We’ll mock it out.

The Detroit Lions are sitting in last place with a 3-5 record. The Chicago Bears are in first at 5-3, just two games ahead and having not played the Lions once, yet; everyone else in the division is stuck in between.

While there are positive signs from rookies and other young players, overall the roster is not performing like a playoff-bound team. How might Bob Quinn fix the roster? We’ve looked at some early round fixes but let’s look at what the Lions could bring home in the first five rounds this coming April.

Detroit Lions great speaks

Former Lions great and Lions broadcaster, Chris Spielman, said during last week’s broadcast that Detroit Lions fans needed to “stay patient.” Spielman later tweeted about his in-game comment.

There were a good number of fans who simply rejected his remark, citing the amount of time they have already waited for the Lions to become a contender. Most fans have not waited the 61 years since the last NFL Title but many have waited multiple decades.

Spielman urged fans to give the current general manager, Bob Quinn, and head coach, Matt Patricia, time. He also said that if you are unwilling to be patient that the only alternative is to quit being a fan.

Kick in the Crotch Weekly is a tribute to long-suffering fans who have endured decades of games like the Minnesota game. …Or the Seattle game, or the Dallas game, or the Jets game.

However, #54 is right. If you choose to be a fan, you will have to endure the growing pains of a new coach and a relatively new GM. If you choose to go, no one would blame you.

Okay, some fans would hold it against you. We won’t hold a grudge.

Quinn has had three drafts and offseasons. Patricia has had a half season. It was Quinn’s job to give former head coach Jim Caldwell talent to win.

Now, Matt Patricia’s needs must be filled. Those are different types of players. here’s how we might address our current needs via the 2019 NFL Annual Selection Meeting, aka the Draft.

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